sunicon Because of our gift to life here on Earth, we believe we have a special covenant to be stewards of the earth and thereby have an inherent responsibility to increase awareness and encourage practices that will protect and preserve our natural environment.

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Solar Active Futuristic Home

We built an Earth friendly state of the art home. It is constructed with recycled steel from old cars and is covered with a stucco outer shell. It features a Spanish/Mediterranean style structure, arched windows, solar hot water radiant floor heat, and has an air to air heat exchanger for air conditioning.

The studio is the first of its kind in the nation. On the property is a solar powered 1200 sq. ft. workshop where electric cars are built and solar seminars are given. Solar floor radiant heat allows this building to be used year round.

Electricity is supplied from 11 banks of solar panels providing 5000 watts of clean energy. It provides enough electricity to power the entire home including a complete music recording studio. We are pioneers of solar electric for homes and have been personally living with it for more than forty one years. We have won a National Energy Award, been on National Television, won second place in the APS National Electric Car Race and have had many articles written about our achievements in newspapers and magazines.

Passive Solar Home

The Grand Room

Room off the Den


Dining Room

Passive Solar Home is set up for future solar electric and solar hot water. Walls are double thick brick East and West &earth burmed on the North side. 22 clear story windows that span the entire face of the house allowing for bright and cheerful light into the entire home. There are three sets of double French doors that open into the 680 sq. ft. Atrium Grand Room that can be used for billiards, parties, overnight guests, plants, or just sunning in the winter.

Cherry floors and lots of cherry kitchen cabinets accent the wide-open living area. Kitchen counters, island, backsplash and windowsills are done in gorgeous Verde granite stone. There is an adjoining walk-in pantry with cooling tube from the North side burmed area. Carolyn has these blue prints available of her own design.

First Solar Powered Radio Station
June 28, 1986

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