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    Serenity Studio is the first known solar powered sound recording studio in the United States. It specializes in recordings by and for children, bands, acoustic and large vocal groups. All the ceilings are 16 foot high and there are no parallel walls giving the recordings a warm sound. **Dave Bellanca from Communication Task Group West, Ltd. in Las Vegas helped to design and equip the studio. He said that this studio is dead silent and he cannot get over the fact that there are no electrical power outages, surges or hum.

    The studio uses between 900 and 1000 Watts of power in full operation. To provide enough power to operate 8 hours per day, a solar system with 14 Siemens 75 Watt Solar Panels was installed. This is for a sunbelt location. Other parts of the country would require a larger solar array. The system required a sinewave inverter, regulator, wiring and mounting hardware for the solar modules. A battery bank stores energy for nighttime operation. A solar system like this would cost about $12,000 installed. This system can also be installed on a trailer for portable use!

    The following equipment was used to construct this studio and has had no problems running on solar power. The Mackie 3208 Console with Ultramix Automation, three Panasonic MDA-l ADAT XT Recorders, Whirlwind Headphone Amp, Headphone boxes, patch bays, Alesis Monitor 1 Speakers, BRC and MidiVerb 4, Beyer 9215 Classic Vitalizer,TL Audio Dual Valve Pre-Amp & Compressor, Lexicon Alex Digital Effects Processor, Behringer MDX2000 Compressor, Tascam DA30DAT, Tascam DAP1 DAT & two Sony TCK Cassette Recorders. Micron Computer PC, various sound modules and keyboards. The studio has a full TAMA drum set, guitars, Fender Tube Hot Rod Delux Amp, Korg DT-1 Tunner, Yamaha G-100 Amp and Speakers, and Marshall Practice Amp.Mics used are AKG C-3000, ATM 25, two AKG -391 Stereo Mics, Six Shure Beta Beyer Dynamics and AT 4050 CM5 Vocal. .

    Serenity Studios is proud to offer a growing selection of music on cassette. Here is a listing of our current tapes. You can play or download the underlined song segments to hear a representation of the various artist's music using the Real Audio player.

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    A collection of original songs that cover the pop-rock, blues, and country genres. Real-world Christianity portrayed in lyrics with an edge and music that ROCKS YOUR WORLD!

    Tapes available. See ordering information below.


    ASSORTED ARTISTS - "A Hum-Along Christmas"

    A collection of traditional Christmas songs in fresh new arrangements. This tape is perfect for choral groups, karaoke, or just humming along.

    Tapes available. See ordering information below.


    Carol Hills vision and commitment to our spiritual mentor, is to teach love and respect here on Earth and live a peaceful coexistence with man and nature. The ray of hope for our future is reflected in the eyes of the children. Their innocent hearts are filled with love and compassion and filled with wonder for a bright future. They are the answer to ridding this world of corruption, ill will and pollution.

    She wants to reach out and touch through music. The lyrics are positive "feel-good" messages and the variety of music is therapeutic.

    Music and lyrics go into the souls of our children and plays a very important part of their lives. Itís not to be taken lightly. Their ears need to hear melodic structure as well as rhythm. Their ears need to hear different time and key signatures to stimulate a balance of music appreciation. I have achieved this in the two albums and music books, "I Am Special" for the younger children and "A New Dawn" for the older children.

    The teacher or parent can use the music book as a tool by playing the guitar or piano or simply using it as a guide along with the tape. Since children are the singers on the tape, it is easy for other children to follow. Print extra lyric sheets or music out of the music book and let the children read as they sing. The other side of the tape is the instrumental with cues, so that it can be sung with background music. This is great for performing in front of audiences.

    Tapes and sheet music available. See ordering information below.


    "World Music Vol.1"

    A collection of original compositions. This music crosses musical and cultural boundaries with a fluid beauty that will draw you into the melodies and carry you to the mystical places.

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