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    Being a pioneer in photovoltaics for 41 years, I have gained knowledge and experience both by implementing solar and living a lifestyle based on solar power. We have been the first in the nation to have built a solar powered radio station, recording studio, and ranch.

    I enjoy teaching children and adults about solar. I have just completed a large commercial building with solar floor heating and photovoltaic panels to hold seminars and build electric cars in. I also have a large ground solar heated greenhouse, one active home, and one passive home to demonstrate. Schools and groups are welcomed for a tour of the Solar Ranch


    Because of our gift of life here on Earth, we must recognize that this world belongs to the creator and that we must live as caretakers. Because we did not create this world, we cannot lay claim to it by controlling and exploiting self-centeredness for short-term enjoyment, by polluting, stripping and eroding precious natural resources. We have an inherent responsibility to increase awareness and encourage practices that will protect and preserve our natural environment.

    We are borrowing this beautiful world
    for our enjoyment,
    let us leave it in good condition before we leave.

    by Carolyn Hills

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