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    Owners: Dan and Sherri Mannix

    The Corporate Store is equipped with the following:

    12 Siemens/Shell M-75 48 Watt Panels
    200 Watt array powers outdoor sign lights
    Inverter: Two 2kw Trace 2012
    Batteries: 1,100 Ah @ 12V
    Electrical Loads: Fluorescent and halogen lights, 3/4 hp deep well pump, 2 office computers, 2 printers, fax machine.
    Heat and Water: Solar with Propane backup
    Supplier/Installer: Mannix Family Solar Products

    Mannix Family Solar Products, in Chino Valley, Arizona, demonstrates how PV can provide 100% of a commercial buildings requirements. The lower level has a large retail showroom, warehouse and a well equipped shop. A 600 Watt solar electric system produces all the electricity the building requires  (about 3 kWh daily). Since both businesses operate only during daytime hours, the PV system requires only a small battery bank. A separate 200 Watt array provides electricity for outdoor sign lighting.

    A wind generator mounted on a tower in front of the building attracts attention and provides backup power on rare cloudy days. There are energy efficient features in the building, such as the use of natural lighting from skylights and passive heating and cooling through two feet thick massive rammed earth construction. In the summer, the PV system powers an evaporative cooler on the roof. A small propane wall heater provides supplemental heat, using about 400 liters of fuel per year. Together the price of fuel and replacement batteries costs just $225 per year.

    DISTRIBUTORS for Alternative Energy Products
    Solar Panels - Batteries - Morningstar Charge Controllers
    Zantrax/Outback Inverters - Solar Trackers Sureflo Pumps

    THIN FILM CIS MODULES: ST5,(5 watts), ST10,(10 watts), ST20,(20 watts), ST40,(40 watts) CRYSTALLINE SILICON MODULES: SM50/H,(50 watts) SM55,(55 watts) SP70/SP75(70/75/watts) SM110,(110 watts/12 & 24 Volts) SP130,(130 watts) SP140,(140 watts) SP150,(150 watts)EARTH SAFE KITS (Complete Utility-Tie Systems)

    Mannix Family Solar Products

    P.O. Box 365
    Phone: (928)636-1001
    Fax: (928)636-1664

    Chino Valley, AZ 86323